Welcome To ZakumMs

Server Information:
Owner : ZakumKiller
Maple Private Server V62
Rates : 2000x / 500x / 50x

This server is currently in it's beta stage as it was only created recently.
If you find any bugs/exploits please report to a GM online or post it to the forums which will be up soon. Rewards for such findings will be given accordingly.
As the server is currently new, we are recruiting GameMasters and especially Coders who doesn't have to be an expert but must know the basics.

Server Features :

**More to be discovered and added

How To Start Playing?

Step 1 : Download MapleGlobal V62 from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=959KB3X6 and install it. (Remember where you installed it to)
(If the link doesn't work for you, go to another maple private server v62 website and use the download link there)

Step 2 : Download the ZakumMs game client from http://www.multiupload.com/S9RM1N0864

Step 3 : The file you have downloaded should have the name ZakumMs.exe . If it isn't please contact a staff of ZakumMs for assistance.

Step 4 : Cut the ZakumMs.exe file, go to your MapleGlobal V62 Folder ( If you don't have this, refer back to step one ), and paste it inside.

Step 5 : Run ZakumMs.exe and it will take you into the game. This server is auto-register so you can just simply type in your desired username and password and start playing.